Stockholm City

Guided tors in Stockholm City 2014

Stockholm Intro Tour

2 hours by foot and a Swedish Fika

Guided walking tour through Old Town by Slussen and to Södermalm with a Swedish Fika at a calm back-yard of a 19th-century-house. The tour is carried out by foot and takes about 2 hours. You will get glimpses of the history of Stockholm, future visions and everyday life of Stockholmers today. During the coffe-break you will get the possibility to get answers to any questions on Stockholm or Sweden. The tour is in english and the walking distance is 1,5 km.


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Stockholm Intro Tour

3 hours by foot and public transport

Guided tour around and on Stockholm Water. The tour is carried out by foot and Stockholms public transports and takes 3 hours. You will have most of the famous tourist attractions pointed out to you. The tour is in english and the walking distance is 3 km.


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Stockholm Sustainability Tour

3 hours about Stockholm environmental achievements 

During this 3 hours tour you will experience Stockholm development during the last 150 years, in which Sweden has made a journey from being one of the poorest to one of the richest countries in Europe. In the same time great achievments have been made in the environmental field and has led to the fact that Stockholm was awarded to be the first European Green Capital in 2010 and delegations from all over the world are visiting our city and country to take part of the achievements made.

During this tour sites illustrating this development will be visited.



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